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Car Title Loans – Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  So who owns my car when I’m repaying the loan? While your loan is being repaid, the temporary ownership of your car passes to us, as we become what is technically known as the lien holder. All ownership documents are passed to us at the time we hand you the money – “title” is just another way of denoting who owns what!

Q: But I can’t cope without a car – what will I do? It’s ok! No one is going to prevent you from continuing to use your car just like before while all the loan – capital and interest – is being repaid. The procedure is that after you have handed over the title documentation, you receive the cash and that’s that – off you drive to use the money as wisely as possible.

Q:  So how long will the whole thing take? I need the money now! Good news here in that case. We have honed our procedures so that we waste as little of your precious time as possible. Give us a call on (760) 227-7015 and you’ll be put in the hands of a member of our highly trained team.  In next to no time, the money will be yours.

Q:  How much are you prepared to lend me? Our loans come in the range of $2600 right up to $20,000. Do your math based on something from that range. The final figure will depend on the make, model and condition of your car.

Q:  Will anyone know I have borrowed cash on my car? A:    Not unless you tell them – for us every transaction is highly confidential.

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